VAT/CST Registration/Filing : Full Guide & Offers


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If you are a seller, and your turnover crosses certain threshold limit of Rs 20 lakh in Delhi or Rs 10 lakh in other states, then aapki ‘VAT’ lagegi..If transactions involve movement of goods from one state to another, this tax is levied under Central Sales Tax Act (CST),1956.

Sales tax / state VAT is payable by the seller to the government. Ordinarily, sales tax / state VAT is recovered from the buyer as a part of consideration for sale of goods.

CST is not dependent on turnover criteria. Hence, if you are selling products  outside your state, then CST registration is mandatory.


We renders following services with regard to VAT/CST:

  • Registration under Local & Central Sales Tax Act.
  • Calculation of VAT/CST Payable & Deposition thereof.
  • Filing of VAT / CST Return
  • Handling of Assessment & Appeal.
  • Generating/Obtaining Statutory Forms i.e. C Form / F Form Online
  • Refund application for exporters.
  • VAT Audit.


We can get you VAT registration just for Rs 3,000/-

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We can file your quarterly VAT Return just for Rs 1,800 999 per quarter

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Annual package for VAT return is Rs 6,500 3,999/-

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Combo of VAT registration and Annual VAT return can be owned just for Rs 6,499/-

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