Business Compliances : Hire a Chartered Accountant

Business Compliances : Hire a Chartered Accountant

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If you have given birth to a baby, would you just leave her/him like that? No na? You will take due care of her/him so that she/he do not get into a trouble. You will take good care of their health so that they are nourished better.

Then I guess you are a responsible parent and a responsible entrepreneur too. You will take good care of your company and won’t let your business get into trouble of paying fines and penalties. You just need to stay compliant with legal requirements so that your business can run smoothly.

we will help you out in staying compliant. Check out what can we do for you:

  • Company name change
  • Company Address Change
  • Increase in authorised share capital
  • Reduction in share capital
  • Add/remove directors
  • Change of objects
  • Obtaining DIN and DSC
  • Surrender of DIN
  • Private placement of shares
  • ESOP
  • Preparation of Directors’ Report
  • Preparation of notices of board meetings, minutes and their maintenance
  • Preparation of annual return and uploading
  • Consultancy on any issue pertaining to companies Act

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